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are the russians parking their subs off the eastern seaboard of america. also, cnbc regular, top name on banking why the "g-men" ought to keep their mud hook off bank of america's ken lewis, we're back before you can say government gone wild! >>> all aboard the recovery train. dennis kneale is driving the recession out and driving profits back in. >> i am selling the hope, baby, i truly believe this recession is over. >> you want a little optimism to end your day? yeah. >> there's reason for hope. >> he's the real deal. he's dennis kneale. watch "cnbc reports" week nights at 8:00 eastern. >> it could be the most important indicator, jobs report. it seems like the world will never be the same. but there is a light beginning to shine again. the spark began where it always begins. at a restaurant downtown. in a shop on main street. a factory around the corner. entrepreneurs like these are the most powerful force in the economy. they drive change and they'll relentless push their businesses to innovate and connect. as we look to the future, they'll be there ahead of us, lights on, showing us the way
the roman empire ruled the world and means america stands anew as the greatest nation on earth. we will fix our problems and come back stronger than most people believe. pax americana boasts the most vibrant economy, and most innovative mind and best form of government so long as it stays out of business and wealth creation. america is exceptional, the one true leader of our planet. frankly, guys, i'm tired of president obama hat in hand apologizing for it to the rest of the world. pitch to the u.s. economy, will you? as a huge rocket ship on the launchpad, countdown has just ended. we have ignition, plumes of smoke are rising and the massive thing is starting to shoulder and shake, and liftoff is about to begin. if you believe in pax amer can narcs america the kickass, you have hope to believe this economy will be far more robust than everyone expects. and darren brooks, a big believe in pax americana. he runs the think tank that encourages individual action. amen. are we in the era of pax americana? >> i think for the last 200 years we have been in the era, this is the greatest nation on
of america's greatest industries and job creators. if we leave it alone and don't stifle it with a government takeover, health care will help us get a big prosperity boom in the next five to 10 years and longer. that's my take. i want to turn it over to my great friend, mary thompson, on "cnbc reports." mary, you're talking about the great recovery. >> we have a great show ahead, larry. thank you so much. "cnbc reports" starts right now. >> tonight on "cnbc reports." the bulls take a break and the bears win the day but there are several big names that have been down in the dumbs making a comeback now. on that list, aig. look at this chart. up 275% in a month. what's making this stock jump? fannie, freddie, bank of america, citigroup also making moves. in depth on the widely held stocks on the st. if almost everyone else owns them, shouldn't you? what we will learn from the kua kuants. >> i'm in for my colleague, dennis kneale. even with a friday fade, the positive news from retailers and bad news on bank those in critical condition topping 400, the death of massachusetts senator ted kennedy.
in the future of america or you don't. you believe we in habit the best, most innovative freest nation on earth or feel we're headed for the trash heap of history. by now, you guys can guess which side i will take. let me invoke a fancy trade. a latin phrase. it means american peace. another translation, the greatest nation. pax romano applied hundreds of years ago when rome ruled the world. and pax applies today. no other nation on earth, military might, economic power, moral intent. we still invent the greatest new tech products on earth and over half the new prescription drugs introduced every year and culture and media and entertainment that shaped much of the world. some really smart people will tell you the 21st century belongs to china new york times city america. i don't buy it. china can trash our currency but still buy u.s. treasury bonds because they're the safest on earth. look how long china has to go. airports. china has 477.7. how much does the u.s. have? 14,000 airports in the u.s. to ship products around the entire country. let's look at roads. china has 1.2 million roads. how
. countdown and ignition and before the real liftoff has begun. what if america is stronger than the doubters would have us believe? more innovators, more adaptable than even president obama believes we are. michael darta is a believer, he put out a note today saying the new ism manufacturing numbers that came in and lifted the markets, they promise the economy will grow better than 3% next year, that would be half gain higher than wall street expects. 3% growth in gdp would be more than $400 billion in extra economic activity next year, and the stock market is is the ultimate leading indicator. today surged up past that 1,000 mark closing at 1,002 and change. the nasdaq cracked the 2,000 mark jumping 30 points to 2008. and the dow jones fired off another nice triple digit gain up 115 points or so to close up near 9,300. dow 10,000? here we come. now a couple of recovery killers loom. factors that could render us tax americana. and they boil down to this. obama-care, obama tax increases, obama anti-capitalist rage.. but for now, this summer rally is for real. what happened today?y? what does
. these guys are tone deaf and out of touch. finally, some parts of america are waking up and taking to the streets to say enough is enough. they're peppering politicians with questions. why mess with health insurance if 68% of americans already like their coverage? they're giving congress an earful on other gaps including private jet gate. congress authorizing $550 million for eight new private jets after calling auto executives on the carpet for flying private jets on their own. congress says it will spend instead only $220 million on only four planes as the pentagon first requested. i say cut that order to zero. it is an outrage members of congress would spend taxpayer money on their own luxury in this recession. it is tone deaf guys, fly first class commercial. you know what i'm saying? this anti-business backlash is so bad it even has invaded the federal judiciaryry. a federal judge named rakoff fined the bank $33 million for allegedly failing to inform shareholders fully about bonuses at merrill lynch. but the judge, instead of granting routine approval has launched a bonus in
of commuters but gave me a great metaphor for opening the show tonight. a symbol of emerging america, a symbol of the american worker who works hard to build something and may have started the time of you lulysses s. grat leads right up to the white house for the first black american president of the united states. i have no doubt we are still that america, capable of building new things that can last for generations to come, new things such as rebuilding our economy. let me explain in the real deal with dennis kneale. tonight, we're going to w celebrate, as i said, we're going to break out the bubbly tw celebrate not just the market's extraordinary rise today on neww surprising surprisingly -- surprising drop in job losses in july, we celebrate more than just a 15% surge in stocks in 20 days of trading since july 10th, tonight, we celebrate something more fundamental than that and more spectacular, we are uncorking the crystal to toast the end of a year of fear and pain, rising layoffs and plunging hope. we salute the end of the year of economic collapse and worries it will get even worse an
. america is tougher and more engaged and resilient than h americans realize. moments after the bad news came out this morning, i started hearing from bears and bloggers. they were delighted. in thele markets open and stocks began to rise in spite of the headlines. when markets closed up today, i didn't hear from any of them. let's weigh in with some bulls and bears. we've got randy bateman and bearish scott redler. we also have paul bicochy and john brown of europacific capital. what about my lessons? and what about a better recovery than anyone thinks. what about randy bateman? >> i think i agree with you. there's a lot of money sitting on the sidelines that are ultimately going to sink their way into the marketplace. i think the longer that this positive market force will move forward, i think that's going to draw more and more of that capital into play because the yields are just compelling. the price to book value is compelling and we're starting to see green shoots turn more into the sequoias. >> every time i expect a pause, the market pauses and then goes up. >> the power of emoti
decide, yes, they will start being covered by the health care plan they pass for the rest of america. >> under our legislation, folks, that would be required there, would be one set of rules. >> i could not improved on you act. senator, if i have a wife and three children, i've asked democrats this question for a month and nobody gives me a straight answer. if i have three or four children, why should the federal government pay for their health insurance and i should not have to? could you please answer that legislation. >> under our legislation. >> answer my question -- >> let mim answer, jack, please don't interrupt him. these senators get very testy if you interrupt them. >> i do think there ought to be personal responsibility. in that kind of instance, if you're talking about youngsters, yes, the parent should be held accountable. if the parent has no money at all, i won't see the youngster suffer not getting health care at an early ancge. i feel responsible for that and both parties. >> your defining that group as 40 plus million americans in a pretty wealthy society. my proble
, the economy grew faster. gdp grew faster. now to another -- today i believe he had bank of america up in the price target on citigroup. you have one government kind of owned bank up on the price target and another government bank. what do you think, is it all real at all? >> yeah, i think it's real. the thing about it is the banks are actually going to start seeing a comeback, but they have to do their part, get that money into the economy and start lending again. there's still a lot of consumers complaining about that. we'll be fine. >> we don't think -- if you go back and look at the 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 scenario, after the crisis was over banks finally got back to lending in a more traditional way. i think the people -- the people that are waiting for banks to lend have miss this had rally since march and they'll probably miss the first two years of the bull market. >> j.m., one thing that occurred to me, if bank of america was willing to recommend citi, maybe the guys are saying it ain't all that bad to have government sitting on our front door. >> today we still have colonial s
only have one resource in america. that will reduce dependency on foreign oil. >> that would be natural gas? >> that's natural gas, yes, sir. you got it. >> tell me, though, exactly how much money does government have to spend helping your government get adropped?d? had it seems like with this green energy stuff without subsidies isn't commercially feasible yet. >> okay. you want to take it -- in the 21st century grid? >> sure. >> get your oar in the water. that will fail, and -- but you've got to get into it to get the price down on it. so you don't have to jump into it, just ease into it and get started. >> how many billions are we talking here, boone, of government funding to help you get started on this alternative plan? >> well, you can run the 21st century grid off private investment. that doesn't have to be -- you don't have to -- give a production tax credit on it. give a little help there. but on the -- on the wind, it's the same thing. go with the ppc, and the climate bill that has passed the house, that that bill has got health -- and i can't tell you exactly how much. i'm th
. a big day for the bulls, s&p and nasdaq all jumping more than 1%. a little later, much more on america's new civil war over health care. >> it's unclear. the government hasn't done it the right way yet. >> people are legitimately angry! >> it's because of the corruption from the ceos and insurance companies who don't know a thing! [ queen ] want your longwear to give you more? well, get on out of that department store. and into covergirl outlast. no department store longwear gives you so many different ways to last through breakfast lunch and dinner. more choices, more shades, more outlast. ♪ covergirl but did you know you also get hotel price assurance? it's a one-two punch of savings -- pow! pow! lower hotel booking fees mean you get a lower total price. plus, if another orbitz customer then books the same hotel for less, we send you a check for the difference, automatically. but i've still got room for the internet. with my new netbook from at&t. with its built-in 3g network, it's fast and small, so it goes places other laptops can't. i'm bill kurtis, and wherever i go, i've got p
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